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Growing up as vocalists in their father's church in Rochester, New York, sisters Cydney and Jasmine learned how to sing, play the organ, and hold their own as women in music. 

Moody and soulful, with harmonies and intricacies throughout, their music chronicles their honest and raw perspective of the highs and lows of being young Christians in the 21st century. From stream-of-consciousness style verses on the struggles of fitting in, to anthemic choruses that are instant classics, their style is true to form and refreshing. Pulling back the curtain on what it really means to be young Christian women who won't stay in a box God didn't put them in, CJ the Group is the truthful friend you didn't know you needed.

Their influences are the boundary-breakers of gospel music, including MaryMary and Kirk Franklin. Eloquent, introspective Snoh Aalegra and soul-baring storyteller Drake also influence CJ the Group's sound.

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