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Take a dive:

Rochester music duo releases new single, “Ocean”

What is it about the ocean that keeps you coming back? You know the risks of its depths. But when you plunge beneath the surface, nothing can replace the way it feels to be truly weightless down there. It’s a moment of solace. An inexplicable bliss. Imagine that — in song form. That’s exactly what Rochester-based music duo, CJ the Group, have set out to do with their newest single “Ocean.” They relate the vastness, beauty, purifying nature, and frightening mystery of the ocean to God. The song will be available on all major streaming platforms on September 20th, 2022.


Both members of the duo, sisters Cydney (26) and Jasmine (24) chose to float, eyes closed, fully clothed, on the cover art for “Ocean.” In many ways, this is reflective of what life has been like for them in the seven months since CJ the Group last released music. The sisters waded deep into unknown territory when they agreed to let their brother and third member take a hiatus in April, which led to an intensive rebrand. Re-emerging as a girl group, the soulful sisters resolved to write an album more specific to their experiences as young Christian women.


Growing up in church did not exclude the songbirds from feeling lost at sea or drowning under its pressures. After taking a few months to find Jesus for themselves, the girls charted an unconventional path forward by sharing the lessons they learned during this time on TikTok. “Ocean” is a side of CJ the Group they have yet to share, a side that showcases their love of harmony, lyricism, and energetic, chant-able anthems.


In the world’s eyes, they are two young Black women with no right to truly believe for musical success. They’re the underdogs. But, never ones to back down from a challenge, CJ the Group is eager to share the world through their eyes, music through their ears, and the songs from their hearts. “Ocean” is the first of a whole new wave of music they intend to introduce. Listeners can expect to hear a full length album in 2024.

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